“Where there’s farms, there’s food. … Where there’s food, there’s Niyaz.”
—Said by my uncle, riffing off a billboard, as we drove through central California when I was 10 years old


Knife & Spork Public Relations owner Niyaz Pirani is a public relations professional, former journalist and published food writer since 2005, with experience in news reporting, social media, and online marketing through web-based community building. He has created web and print content for nationally recognized media organizations, including the Orange County Register and OC Weekly. His photos have been published in the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, VICE Munchies and more. 

Niyaz is also an award-winning food writer, dining critic and avid home cook who has reviewed and featured hundreds of restaurants in print and digital media. He has an eye for fine details and an expertise in creating unique, engaging and results-driven campaigns in the real world and virtual spaces.


Public relations isn’t just about influencing the influencers—it’s about engaging directly with your diners and turning them into your most vocal advocates. We do that first through excellent food and service, followed by a targeted communications plan that empowers others to experience—and share—your culinary creativity and restaurant culture with their family and friends.