Drink Up! Explore the world through cocktails at YNK in Irvine

What if I told you one of the hottest cocktail bars to ever touch down in Orange County is in … Irvine?!

Ten years ago you would have laughed at me, but O.C.’s different these days. I was at an intersection in Tustin near the Marketplace on Tuesday and had a flashback to a time when all four of the restaurants on the corners were chains. Today, only one of those four.

Nobel Prize winner Bob Dylan predicted in the 60s that the times, they are a changin’. And almost 60 years later some of the best cocktails in O.C. are being served at the … Irvine Marriott?

The times ARE a changin’.Read more…

This Wu-Tang Clan Pop-Up Dinner Was Nothin’ to F#!K With


I’ve been looking forward to Chef Linh Nguyen’s Wu-Tang Clan pop up at Mesa Lounge since he announced it earlier this summer. I grew up listening to the Wu, Shaolin’s finest rap collective, and can still rap the entirety of the song “Triumph”—though a few lines get a little hazy these days.

The same goes for Nguyen, who might as well have come from the 37th Chamber. His love for these beats and rhymes goes back to when he was 10 years old. Inspired by music and memories, Nguyen—along with Ashley Guzman, his former cohort at the North Left, and current Pastry Queen at Irenia—delved deep into their catalogue to deliver 6 fresh cuts complete with drink pairings.

Nguyen, who is Foodbeast’s house chef, told us he’s about to become Executive Chef again somewhere in Santa Ana. If this is the kind of creativity he’s producing, I can’t wait to see what’s in store for Orange County next.  … Read more…

Grits Fullerton hosts “California Love” beer dinner with Sierra Nevada Sept. 9


It’s going down Sept. 9 at Grits Fullerton! The Sierra Nevada Brewing Company Barrel Room will unleash some valued treasures for the One-Night-Only “California Love”-themed beer dinner by Chef Cody Storts.

RESERVE YOUR SEATS before they’re gone at www.gritsfullerton.com by selecting 6:30 P.M. SEPT. 9 on their reservations page —Dinner is $100 per person plus tax & tip.

YOUR CHANCE TO WIN: Visit this post on their Facebook page for a chance to win 2 seats at the dinner, just by sharing the post! See you there Orange County!!

Grits Fullerton releases “Dirty South” menu for Beer Dinner Friday, June 24—You can win 2 tickets!


Grits Fullerton is headed to The Dirty South this Friday, June 24, as Chef Cody Storts teams up with Victor Novak of Golden Road Brewing and Golden Road Pub Orange County for a 6 course beer dinner featuring brews you’ve never had before. Tickets, $135, including food, drinks, tax and service, are available here: bit.ly/GritsAndGoldenRoad.

The restaurant is holding a contest through Thursday evening to give away 2 seats to the dinner. You can get those details at the Grits Fullerton Facebook Page. Keep reading for the dinner and beer menu. … Read more…

Drink Up! Born to Hula Punch at The Blind Pig


I’ve been working to improve my cocktail knowledge. The great thing about that is I get to drink a bunch of cocktails for the sake of research. I started a few months back at Chapter One in Santa Ana, where I was partial to The Old Man and The Sea and Bonfire of the Vanities. I’ve enjoyed gin tonics at Vaca, the Dave Mau—made by Dave Mau—at Memphis in Costa Mesa (ask for it when he bartends), and I still have plans to visit the renowned bars at Pizzeria Ortica and 320 Main.

Lots of cocktails enjoyed, lots more left, but the one I’m currently hooked on is the Born to Hula Punch at The Blind Pig in Rancho Santa Margarita.

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Patio remodel, new bar menu at Zov’s Newport


Zov’s recently unveiled a major remodel to its popular, pet-friendly patio at Zov’s Newport Coast in the Newport Coast Shopping Center. What was previously an open air patio is now more lanai-likefeaturing a hard-shell roof, glass walls, heat lamps, and new furniture and decor.

“We wanted to create a dining environment that is conducive to the Southern California way of living, especially being so close to the beach,” said Zov’s owner Armen Karmardian. “It’s an indoor/outdoor space now. The upgrades don’t feel like a patio. They feel like a dining room.” … Read more…

Drink Up: Naughty Sauce at Noble Ale Works


If you’re a coffee drinker by day and a beer drinker by night (or by day, all good too!), then you have to get your hands on a glass of Noble Ale Works Naughty Sauce. Released earlier this year as a collaboration between Noble and Portola Coffee, this golden milk stout is gulpable, with a creamy, rich body and nutty, sweet finish. If you’re a fan of Hitachino Espresso Stout, you’ll love this as much, possibly more, because Noble takes the experience one step further.


It’s poured on nitro, creating an even creamier texture when the brew hits the glass. But because it’s a nitro tap, you won’t find Naughty Sauce in bottles or growlers to-go—it doesn’t last long once poured. Make the trip to Noble in Anaheim’s Platinum Triangle before it goes away for good. Seriously. Three weeks ago I drank this super brew for the first time. Two weeks ago I wrote this post and I had to wait to publish until now because it went off tap. It’s there again right now, so go, go, go!

Drink up!!

Noble Ale Works
1621 Sinclair Street, Suite B
Anaheim, CA 92806

Click here to view what else is currently on tap at Noble.
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