Grits Fullerton & Noble Ale Works Blood & Guts Bonanza + June Beer Dinner Announcement!


Working with multiple chefs and business owners in Orange County allows me to draw from multiple influences and perspectives. My various clients inspire me in different ways. In the case of Grits Fullerton, the creativity of Chef Cody Storts and Co. has always been what’s drawn me to the place.

I won’t ever forget my first bite of Fried Chicken Skins with Fresno pepper jam, or one of my new favorites of his, Thai Balls, with pancake balls, fried pork cutlet, raw shallot, jalapeno and cilantro, with a drizzle of fish sauce maple syrup. Like a banh mi for breakfast as made by Hunter S. Thompson.

Grits is a celebration of food and family, and accordingly, the restaurant has scheduled monthly beer dinners in partnership with breweries. The goal is to create a memorable experience for diners and beer drinkers alike. Past breweries included Stone and The Bruery, but for the restaurant’s May dinner, Cody and Grits Beverage Manager Boozie the Beer Guy turned up the mayhem and paired with Noble Ale Works for a Blood & Guts Beer Dinner on Friday the 13th of May.

The dinner came a week after Noble won big for their beers at the 2016 World Beer Cup, and were also awarded the honor of best small brewery in the world. ALL OF PLANET EARTH. Insanity! Noble’s Brewmaster Evan Price brought the heat too, producing unique beers including one with cochineal (essentially bright red beetle juice) and another (absolutely delicious brew) made with some interesting coffee beans.

Even though it’s my job, I was slightly afraid of this one, not because I don’t trust Cody, but because I’m not too keen on pig heads, brains, blood and the like. I know offal doesn’t mean awful, but it’s not like I’m eat intestines and snout for dinner every night.

Trust fall in progress …  

20160513184601__MG_2187_RESIZEDBLOOD & GUTS. Super METAL design thought up by me, executed impeccably by Steve Miller (Photo: Brian Feinzimer)

374A4396Grits Fullerton Chef Cody Storts and Noble Ale Works Brewmaster Evan Price

20160513183233__MG_2179Steve Miller and the Noble Crew (Photo: Brian Feinzimer)

374A4446Chef Cody explaining to diners that he’ll send out each course so they can eat the dish before he explains what’s in each one

GritsFullerton_Boozie_NobleBoozie the Beer Guy pouring Noble beers

374A4452Course 1: Pig Tail Soup and sous vide egg paired with Vic’s Secret Showers

374A4475Course 2: Charcuterie with pig head, fried chicken feet and fried tripe paired with Funky Bug Lovin’

374A4476Can you hear me now?

374A4487Finger-lickin’ good!

374A4507Course 3: Green Eggs & Ham (veal brain, duck egg, blood pudding, hash) paired with Grisette Tape

374A4520Course 4: Beef heart and pork stomach tacos paired with I Love It American IPA … Gold Medal at the 2016 World Beer Cup!

374A4570Course 5: Pasta (pork blood pasta, raw egg, fried intestine) paired with Ick Benign Berliner Weisse

374A4588Intermezzo with the heady 12.6% Dooley Noted


374A4643Course 6: Cheesecake with blood macaroon and strawberry sauce paired with Poop Goes the Weasel, Kopi Luwak coffee, made from digested coffee beans harvested from civet droppings

374A4602Going for the triple pour!

374A4609Boozie the Beer Guy and Chef Cody after the dinner

GritsFullerton_GoldenRoadAnnouncementThe pair will team up with Victor Novak of Golden Road Brewing for their next beer dinner, Grits 1-Year Anniversary Dinner “The Dirty South,” coming June 24. Follow Grits on Facebook or Instagram for the latest on-sale info when tickets are available.

Grits Fullerton
133 W. Chapman Ave. #102
Fullerton, CA 92832

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