5 Fried Chicken Sandwiches You Can Eat Right Now Without Waiting in Line at Popeyes


With the Popeyes Fried Chicken Sandwich craze sweeping the nation for a second time, plus last weekend’s Fried Chicken Sundays at Craft House selling out in 1 hour 15 min., it seems hungry people everywhere have a craving for golden, crispy poultry that can’t be satiated.


Seriously. Look at the line wrapped around the Popeyes in Santa Ana recently. I waited it out for a Popeyes Chicken Sandwich and I have to say … it was a good fast food version of a fried chicken sandwich. They served them in foil wrappers (a la Chic-Fil-A) that steam the sandwich a bit too much before you can enjoy it, but overall it’s better than anyone else’s out there in the fast food arena.

But, if you’re not in the mood to wait in line, or just want to find better flavors in other places, there are plenty of great options in Orange County (and one in Long Beach that I like, too).

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*NEW* FALL DISHES + Filet Mignon Beef Stroganoff Returns to Lido Bottle Works!


NEWPORT BEACH Lido Bottle WorksChef Amy Lebrun and Team LBW have been working hard with local purveyors and in our their own local gardens to consistently turn out some of the best hyperseasonal cuisine all year long. Whether it’s a variety of apple changing over the course of weeks in a burrata, or the parade of uncommon mushrooms (fried chicken or lion’s mane, anyone?) that make their way into the various dishes, Chef Amy truly celebrates the season’s bounty in an almost intense way.

LBW’s Fall 2019 menu features the return of their jaw-dropping Filet Mignon Beef Stroganoff, and I’m highkey obsessed with the Poblano Gratin that’s paired the Prime Pecan-Smoked NY Block Steak! They also added more vegetarian and vegan options, including the artistic Seasonal Vegetables with pistachio butter pictured above.

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$20 3-Course Lunch at Lido Bottle Works


Newport Beach Restaurant Week runs now through Sunday, Jan. 27, featuring an array of Newport’s best restaurants offering delicious multi-course meals at special prices.

Lido Bottle Works on Newport Harbor is offering a $20 3-Course Lunch as part of this special event!

It includes:

Soup du Jour or Charred Eggplant Hummus

Crispy Jidori Chicken Sandwich or Gem Lettuce Salad

Chocolate Mousse or House Spun Ice Cream

A few things you should know before you go … the soup changes daily (hence the name, and it’s always delicious)! I’m also partial to Chef Amy Lebrun’s Crispy Jidori Chicken Sandwich because it’s marinated in Thai flavors and dressed with spicy peppers and cilantro! The Gem Lettuce Salad features amazing polenta croutons and a smokey ancho/honey chili paste.

It’s probably worth making reservations for 2 so you can try a little bit of everything.

Reservations & Restaurant Info: LidoBottleWorks.com