*NEW* FALL DISHES + Filet Mignon Beef Stroganoff Returns to Lido Bottle Works!


NEWPORT BEACH Lido Bottle WorksChef Amy Lebrun and Team LBW have been working hard with local purveyors and in our their own local gardens to consistently turn out some of the best hyperseasonal cuisine all year long. Whether it’s a variety of apple changing over the course of weeks in a burrata, or the parade of uncommon mushrooms (fried chicken or lion’s mane, anyone?) that make their way into the various dishes, Chef Amy truly celebrates the season’s bounty in an almost intense way.

LBW’s Fall 2019 menu features the return of their jaw-dropping Filet Mignon Beef Stroganoff, and I’m highkey obsessed with the Poblano Gratin that’s paired the Prime Pecan-Smoked NY Block Steak! They also added more vegetarian and vegan options, including the artistic Seasonal Vegetables with pistachio butter pictured above.

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