Niyaz’s Top 20 O.C. Dishes of 2016


My top food moment of 2016 … Zov winning the Golden Foodie Award for 2016 Chef of the Year!

It’s been a great year for Orange County foodies.

We have Lobster Fries, Spaghetti Pizza and Churro Loops; Top Chefs in the kitchen and new openings at such a rapid pace it’s hard to keep up. There’s been a lot of delicious dishes to try, and while I couldn’t get to them all, I did manage to enjoy my fair share of awesome plates.

Here’s the 20 best things I ate and drank this year!

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Drink Up! Explore the world through cocktails at YNK in Irvine

What if I told you one of the hottest cocktail bars to ever touch down in Orange County is in … Irvine?!

Ten years ago you would have laughed at me, but O.C.’s different these days. I was at an intersection in Tustin near the Marketplace on Tuesday and had a flashback to a time when all four of the restaurants on the corners were chains. Today, only one of those four.

Nobel Prize winner Bob Dylan predicted in the 60s that the times, they are a changin’. And almost 60 years later some of the best cocktails in O.C. are being served at the … Irvine Marriott?

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