This Chocolate Chip Muffin, for President


If there’s one platform I can truly get behind this election season, it’s that we should support our local businesses.

If we’re talking donut shops in Orange County, my favorites are all over: Cream Pan in Tustin (cake donuts, bagettes, strawberry croissants); Surfin’ Donuts (multiple South County locations; get the Tiger’s tail); Sidecar Doughnuts in Costa Mesa (everything); and my favorite family-run shop: Michael’s Coffee House across the street from Saddleback Church in Lake Forest/Foothill Ranch.

I hate to say I don’t know the name of the family that runs the place, but they’re always so slammed when I’m in there, I’ve never had much of a conversation with them. What I can tell you is to order any of their customizable sandwiches on a huge, buttery croissant; the blueberry donut is my wife’s favorite, and THEY MAKE THE GREATEST CHOCOLATE CHIP MUFFIN OF ALL TIME.


It’s all about the ratios. Lets talk about that muffin top—the good kind. In this case, the best kind.

It’s like a flying saucer landed on a wax-paper-wrapped pedestal for all to gawk in awe at. Because it’s so huge and cooks over on the pans, the perimeter of the top tastes more like a muffin version of Chewy Chips Ahoy! The inside of the top and the bottom of the muffin are perfectly soft and fluffy, and not overly sweet. Large chocolate chips stud the top and float around in abundance within, too.

It’s hard to tell someone to go driving for a chocolate chip muffin, but that’s exactly what I’m saying you should do. Take the toll road to save time if you must, (Bake off the 5, cutting across Rancho will do it too), but this is one decision you won’t soon regret.

Michael’s Coffee House
29200 Portola Parkway
Lake Forest, Ca 92630