Your Social Media Investment

 “If you don’t have your own platform, you’ll always be at the mercy of promoting offerings through those who do.”
—Author Ben Arment

Traditional public relations dictates that PR representatives pitch the media to relay their client’s latest news and offerings. Though we utilize these methods when the content demands it, simply sending a release doesn’t always ensure your message will be heard. It’s also not the only strategy you should employ. Having a curated social media presence with photos, videos, news and information is the foundation of a solid public relations and marketing strategy.

The ability exists for restaurants to create their own platform and speak directly to their diners. Restaurants can choose their target market, reaching who they want, with the content they want, for much less than the cost of traditional advertising. 

Especially in today’s digital world—when many customers are Instagram influencers or Yelp! critics—managing your virtual aesthetic and maintaining online communication with your customers allows you to build a community of vocal supporters who will spread your craft and culture, affecting your restaurant’s reputation and earning you real-world patrons and profits.